Ghostwriting is our most exclusive service. Some clients request more privacy and need a discreet production house that can work in the background. Bandog keeps strictly confidential those clients who hire us as ghostwriters. All rights are … [Read more]

Music Composition and Arranging

  Commercial Video Soundtrack You have seen those corporate videos — the ones with the cheesy stock elevator music soundtracks. Use this uninspiring generic music, and you may cheapen your brand. Instead, you can inspire your clients and/or … [Read more]

About Bandog Entertainment

Bandog Entertainment is a team of international audio engineers and composers offering complete music production services throughout North and South America. Here at Bandog Entertainment, we kick major, but also minor, suspended and diminished ass … [Read more]


Need help with mixing your record? Want to replace keyboard sounds? Do your drums sound flat? Did your tracking engineer cut corners to save time/money? We know how to help. We've got the education, experience, and staff to handle any project. … [Read more]