Ghostwriting is our most exclusive service.

Some clients request more privacy and need a discreet production house that can work in the background. Bandog keeps strictly confidential those clients who hire us as ghostwriters.

All rights are purchased from us, but unlike most licensing agreements, no credit ever will be attributed to Bandog Entertainment. As far as the world knows, you wrote the song we provided you. Don’t worry, we can resist even extreme forms of torture.

Because we get no press, no credit, and no royalty, your fans will praise you, and only you, for your song. Consequently, this is our most expensive option.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information discussed even in pre-pro, we require a retainer and a signed mutual nondisclosure agreement in place before work begins.

Please call or email us for details.


Here are some real-world scenarios and how Bandog can help you handle them:


Problem The Bandog Solution
Established Artist with fan base expecting all songs to be written by the artist. We can write music to match your style and assist you in completing your album. With us as ghostwriters, no one will ever know which songs you had help with.
Need to reinvent your sound. We can collaborate with you to create a new, yet familiar, sound for your next release.  Whether you want a drastic overhaul or merely minor tweaks, we can help you develop your new path.
Band or artist wants to own music and not be beholden to another artist for royalties, licensing fees, or ownership disputes. We take a higher one-time fee for this work, but you never have to pay us again.



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