About Bandog Entertainment

Bandog Entertainment is a team of international audio engineers and composers offering complete music production services throughout North and South America.

Here at Bandog Entertainment, we kick major, but also minor, suspended, and diminished ass at all things music, including composition/songwriting, album production, artist/project development, and sound design for video games, film, and commercials. You want a full service, one-stop shop? Call us at 517-649-4124 because if we don’t already have something you like, we can make it for you.

The music we produce is recorded using our proprietary system. With our exclusive, hand-crafted Alpha guitars and our unique production process as our foundation, we’ve created a sound that is both undeniably new and familiar.


Composing / Arranging 


Ghost writing


Album Assistance

Mixing / Mastering

Audio Post Production

Benjamin Wheeler-Harsh ( Songwriter, Composer, Programer, Engineer, Producer )

Benjamin began playing guitar and classical percussion in the early 1990’s and continued to expand his musical vocabulary by performing in bands and classical ensembles. He studied Music Theory and Composition at Michigan State University before attending Full Sail University where he earned degrees in Recording Arts and Entertainment Business.

Benjamin is now an experienced composer, engineer, and producer who has worked with artists on multiple continents.

Sasa Panjkovic (Producer, Songwriter, Composer )

Sasa is an experienced musician who started studying and writing music at an early age, alongside playing a variety of instruments during his formative years before focusing fully on mastering the guitar as both an instrument of artistic expression and a powerful voice in songcraft. Apart from honing his songwriting and performing skills over the last 20 years, writing hundreds of musical pieces in the process, Sasa has also been repairing, designing and building electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and basses since 1993.

Al Wolf ( Studio Guitar, Composer, Songwriter )

As a full-time Bandog Entertainment’s in-house guitar player, Al is featured on the great majority of our tracks providing both the rhythm and lead parts, regardless of the style of music he’s expected to enrich with his magic touch. Equally at home laying his signature hot solos and layering exciting guitar tracks designed to support the arrangements of our songs, our resident picker understands better than anyone we’ve worked with just what the right guitar part can and must do for the song in order to take it to the next level. Al Wolf has been actively playing guitar and performing various styles of music professionally since the late 1980’s, with his remarkable blend of genuine virtuosity as an instrumentalist and finely honed melodic sensibilities as an arranger being his instantly recognizable calling card. Being a longtime friend and collaborator, as well as a personal guitar hero to both Sasa and Ben, Al is a major asset in realizing Bandog Entertainment’s musical vision.